OUR MISSION: Equip Men and Women with Skills that will enable overcome Poverty.

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Do Something International Campaign

Several centuries have passed; the world always revolves around the same inequalities. Though the wealth of the world is increasing dramatically, it’s been concentrated in the hands of 5% of the world population. The sharing of this wealth is more a disgrace to the human race.

Indeed, man has all the knowledge, power, wealth and technology to make the world a peaceful place, but the reality is totally different.

CADOSIN (Do Something International Campaign) proposed to tackle problems from their roots. The various social problems we face are the results of the actions and reactions of humans on nature. War, famine, poverty, HIV / AIDS, racial discrimination, discrimination of women, human rights etc., Find their sources and solutions in humans.

Do Something International Campaign (CADOSIN) is a campaign whose main goal is the involvement of men and women, especially young people in the process of sustainable development of their localities.

Through its extensive programs, CADOSIN come to pass in the hearts of people, will, love to do something for their communities. CADOSIN is an apolitical, non-religious non-profit organization. Headquartered in Cameroon, it works to change men and women to build a world with human dignity.

Founded in April 2010, by Narcisse GUYBOLO Parfait, it became a vehicle of struggle against the evils undermining the present generation

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