About Us

CADOSIN members not only believe that improvement is possible, they believe it is their responsibility to initiate positive change both in themselves and in their local community. CADOSIN bring people to loose themselves in the service of others, all members around the world share this sense of social responsibility and the initiative to take action to create a better future for all.


CADOSIN members join the organization by belonging to a Local Organization called a CADOSIN Club. The CADSOIN Clubs are affiliated to a National Organization, which in turn is affiliated to CADOSIN. Each Local Organization is made up of Individual members. The Local organizations are the main platform where our programs are undertaken.

Young leaders propose, control and evaluate the projects:

 Our approach does not dictate the project and ideas to the young and community leaders we build; rather we bring them to identify the problems of their localities.   These leaders occupies the first place when it comes at designing project, implementing them, and assessing. We work with young people as they fix the priorities and guide our project

Our activities are created, reflected, and led by young leaders and community who are dedicated to serve their communities.  Our projects are well reflected and made by the primary stakeholders: youth. Demonstrating their effective transformation,


To equip men and women with a lifestyle that will enable them to overcome poverty sustainably in all its meaning.  Inspire young leaders to drive a positive change in their communities by creating in them a mind focused on servant leadership, love and peace.


A world full of love, where humans instead of looking for their selfish and individual wealth, rather seeks the one of the community and respect the nature in which they live. A world where social justice is effective. A world without poverty; where the responsibility for the success of each is shared by all. A world concerned about the environment issues, looking for a sustainable development, which is a justice citizens.

  • Real Change comes from our Heart;

  • A heart fill of Love is the only way to bring people to be transformed;

  • That the only way to transform our world is to transform people’s heart;

  • True happiness is found while serving others;

  • Poverty is a shame for our generation;

  • Each individual has he/her responsibility to build a better world


We bring poorest communities to take collective action to improve their living conditions. We build and equip local leaders of with the skills and capacity to take positive actions. We inspire young people to effectively lead the change they seek by starting locally. We organized local events in villages to raise awareness, offer capacity building trainings and carry out inclusive community project though financing and implementation.

More than 50 villages in the far north region of Cameroon has received CADOSIN and nearly 5,000 people are part of the movement, embarked in our various programs.

Several and diverse community projects has evolved from our CADOSIN clubs, villages have come to build the infrastructure they need to improve their living conditions. Through our teachings and seminars, we encourage entrepreneurship by bringing women and men to start up their business and increase their revenues. We have been encouraging girls education through different actions among which our scholarship program that consist of offering a full training and capacity building  in sewing to girls that decided to pursue their academic studies in the village of GOBO.

We also helped to build a classroom in the village of TAPADAYE offering facility for kids to have proper education .Almost 1000 people are accessing clean water thanks to our SIFD program that created 20 water supply point. Our actions and projects are diverse reflecting our holistic method. We address solutions to people’s challenges by taking into account each context.