Goals mission

Take be part of CADOSIN’s work to ensure a better future for the next generation


The ultimate goals of CADOSIN are:
  • Protecting the environment
  • Fight against poverty in all its forms
  • Conduct programs of action and awareness campaign
  • Involving men and women in the development process of their communities.

Through our activities, we involve youth particularly in finding the solutions to the problems of the society. Believing Youth are the solution to the present problems, they are the one building CADOSIN


Our mission is to equip men and women for a lifestyle that will enable them to overcome poverty sustainably in its meaning.

Bring people to leave the mediocrity to excellence, to give a meaning to the lives of man and women and especially to create a mind focused on Love in their Hearts. The CADOSIN bring people to loose themselves in the service of others.


A world full of love, where humans instead of looking selfish and individual wealth, rather seeks the one of the community, respect the nature in which they live. A world where social justice is effective. A world without poverty; where the responsibility for the success of each is shared by all. A world concerned about the environment issues, looking for a sustainable development, which is a justice.


What makes us diferent?

Combining culture, art, personal development, and humanism, we transform the hearts of people.

Through our activities, we focus on what can touch hearts.

Believing that any motivation (positive or negative) is rooted in the human heart, we are working to fill their hearts with a system of thought centered on the good of humanity.

Our activities are created, reflected, and led by young people who are dedicated to serve their communities.

Our aim is mainly to break any barrier that would stop the active participation of young people in search of solutions and their implementation.

“Leaders of the future, young people are the first affected by development policies; we cannot have sustainable development policies without taking them into account.”

Our projects are well reflected and made by the primary stakeholders: youth. Demonstrating their effective transformation, every day they think about what should be done to solve a problem identified.

 To do something, what can be done and should be done, is the spirit of CADOSIN members


Various projects are carried out by the CADOSIN, reflecting the holistic method we use. Our actions are not bout to a specific rigid domain, they come out from the various problem faced by communities.

These projects are designed and made by young members and reflect especially appropriate solutions to the communities in which they emerge.

We can cite among others:

Thank you to our Partners!

We are very grateful for the generosity of the individuals, groups, businesses, foundations and friends that partner with us in the fight against Poverty. Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of the many throughout Cameroon.