Extremism is always a result of ideological thinking shared in communities and among people. People tend to practice what they receive as sermons. It is then critical to counter these ideologies by the same sermon methods and sharing another way of thinking with the most vulnerable communities.

Our Peace and Change Campaigning events consist of a two to three days gathering in most vulnerable and remote areas. The campaign creates a positive social movement relyingon subjects of Peace on Love

Contents of the Activity:

  • Mind Lectures: it consist of lecturing the villagers on peace, Love and civic engagement. Using the sermons methodology (from a story telling, proverbs, life lessons), this lecture builds in the mind of people a new way of thinking and approaching life, while opening their heart to love on servant leadership.
  • Film Projection: It consist of screening inspiring movies in the village, and with the villagers the lesson the film conveys.
  • Traditional dances, Arts and cultural exhibit: This will consist of performing traditional dance of the community and other cultural showcase they want to share.
  • Debates: this is to better understand the critical reasoning of the community members and address when necessary alternative ways of thinking.
  • Training Seminars: practical trainings to equip people with technical skills in order to succeed in their personal ventures, make their work worth living and scalable and so focus on their success.

The Objective of the program is to raise awareness, inspire and build young leaders, train and equip people with a positive lifestyle, Build a strong Ideology and culture of peace.